Friday, April 10, 2009


Breakfast was Melody's quinoa salad left over from dinner last night. Yummy!

Later, I had 3 cups of sesame milk, but it didn't satisfy me for long. After that, I couldn't figure out what I wanted. I looked through my kitchen and nothing sounded good. I had several prepared things in the freezer, so I started looking through those, thinking maybe I'd have some carrot cake. It didn't sound that good, either, but I was hungry. Then I saw a piece of (grass-fed) beef and I wanted nothing else in the world. I cooked it up (1/4 pound) & topped it with lime juice & RealSalt, since I have found that I seem to digest beef better if I eat it with either lime or avocado. That was my "lunch" (at 2 pm).

I also put the carrot cake in the dehydrator to warm up, and I ate it an hour or two later. When I freeze the cake, I like to leave the cake unfrosted and freeze the icing in a separate freezer bag, so I can warm them both in the dehydrator without having melted icing dripping everywhere. I ice the cake when both are warmed. Good stuff!

I later made a strawberry ice cream to put in the freezer overnight, and I cleaned out the blender by putting a cup of almond milk in & blending. It gave the almond milk a little strawberry flavor and I felt good not wasting the ice cream batter.

At bedtime, I ate some soaked Brazil nuts (maybe a dozen or so).

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