Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/07/09 & GREEN Salad!

My breakfast today was 3 cups of sesame milk (made from 1 cup of sesame seeds). It's bitter, although it doesn't seem as bitter when I don't soak it as long - I drink it for the calcium.

Midmorning snack - 2 Gala apples

Okay, yes, I eat salad! Here is the one I had for lunch today - all green!

The salad consisted of:

Organic Baby Herb Salad
sunflower greens
sprouted mung beans
Sweet Basil Dressing - my recipe here

Dinner was Raw Peach Cobbler.

I ate the whole thing (about half the size of a 9x13 baking dish) before leaving for the evening.

At a friend's baby shower later, I ate a second dinner: They served tacos, but I opted to avoid the taco shells & tortilla chips. Instead, I had some cooked black beans & ground turkey (both seasoned with an all-natural taco seasoning), loaded up with fresh guacamole, a little raw cheese and some fresh salsa, with fresh green peas and grape tomatoes on the side.

After the baby shower, I ate 2 dates and some dried bananas (from 1 1/2 fresh bananas) to raise a low blood sugar level.


  1. Sunflower greens are so good. I've meant to try your dressing for a while now - thanks for posting the recipe.

  2. Where did you get raw peaches this time of year? Drooling for peach cobbler!!

  3. I bought them last summer at the farmers market & just got them out of the frezer yesterday. Stock up when you get the chance - it's totally worth it to have peach cobbler later on!

  4. Hey Angie! I need to update the link in my last post.. I linked to your other blog!